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Introduction To Law Of Attraction

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I supposed like a lot of people, I got caught up with The Secret phenomenon. When I first heard about it I just knew it would be something I'd be interested in. The Secret involves the whole Law of Attraction principle, that is, whatever one continually thinks about, will be drawn into your life, whether positive or negative.

I'm really not a stranger to the Law of Attraction principles as it was my great-grandmother, a woman who was perhaps way ahead of her time, and was the one to introduce the ideas to the family. I have to admit however, that over the years, I forgot to apply these principles in my later year, that is until The Secret came out and was reintroduced to them.

The Secret is a great introduction to the Law of Attraction principles and very inspiring for anyone who wants to improve their lives, or as Joe Vitale, one of the principle participants of both the book and DVD version would say, to allow oneself to be, do or have anything in life, simply by reprograming one's mind to a more positive mind-set.

The problem many of us suffer from is that all too often we dwell on what we don't want in life and wonder why the negative aspects in one's life keep reoccuring. Are you constantly thinking about lack of finances, well, you'll keep having lack then. Are you dwelling on bad health issues, again you'll continue to have bad health. Are you complaining of what you don't have in life, then wonder why things just aren't working out for you?

What The Secret DVD does in essence brings about the ideas that instead of dwelling on the negatives, turn it around and start thinking more positively. One way to do this, is the most powerful tool one can use, and that is your mind. Start being grateful and give gratitude of what you do have in life, rather than what you don't have. By being grateful and thinking more positively, it will attract more good and positive aspects into your life. Believe it this stuff does work, as so many rather unexpected things have come into my life all by my being of a more positive mind-set. The simple act of being grateful and saying "Thank you, " when you first get up in the morning puts one in a better frame of mind. Be grateful for waking up and having another day of life, and all the possibilities that the day might bring you. In other words, don't get up, look out the window and see it's raining and think, "My goodness, what a depressing day", then wonder why you feel depressed.

One of the strangest tests you might say in proving that the Law of Attraction worked for me came about just by the mere way I got my copy of The Secret DVD. This DVD is by no means cheap, near $30, so I have to admit, the idea of buying it at the regular price was a bit out of the question. Then something prompted me to go to good old e-bay. Several people were offering it up for auction and for so much cheaper. I did one of those "watch the clock" type things, watching the offer of one person who was auctioning it off and didn't bid on it until the last five minutes. I won it at a cost of $15.00 including shipping charges. Somehow, I can't help thinking the Law of Attraction was already working for me. And don't ask how many times something like this has happened to me time and time again where I in a sense visualized something I wanted and got it for way below the normal cost.

The Secret also introduces the idea of visualization. One means to do this is to make up a vision board, that is cut out representative images of items you would like to see manifest in your life, paste them up collage style on a poster board and keep it somewhere where you can constantly look at it. Don't ask how many I have literally all over the place. In fact, the image I include here with this review is my virtual vision board, that is, I made one up and is now my screensaver on my computer, so the first thing I see when I turn on my computer is this screensaver.

As a personal note, my earlier vision boards contained images of a computer system which I didn't have and since I was on extremely tight financial means there just was no way to logically get a computer, so for years I had to rely on the free usage of computers at libraries. Well lo and behold a ways and means not expected opened up for me, and presto, I got not only my computer, but a film scanner to transform my slide and negative photographic images into the digitized format.

The Secret DVD is really only an introduction to the Laws of Attraction as there are many more aspects to it, but if you've never explored these principles I can't think of a better way to get started than by watching this DVD, and I recommend watching it on a regular basis, if anything, it will just plain make you feel better about yourself and feeling more positive in general.