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Investor's Business Daily Is For You

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laurel1 By laurel1 on
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I'm not a big investor, and I don't know much about stocks. I know the difference between a blue chip and a penny stock, but that's about it. I'd been reading the Wall Street Journal at work, and often found myself confused by the content. A friend of mine suggested I try Investor's Business Daily instead.

I got a three-month subscription free from a promotion for another product. I found that it was easier to read than the Wall Street Journal, and it showed ALL the markets, not just NYSE. It had articles about a wide variety of stocks, mutual funds, and commodities, as well as trends. No movie reviews, but I never agreed with the Wall Street Journal's movie reviews anyway!

My favorite feature was the series of articles that their staff thought would be "up-and-coming." One stock sounded excellent and affordable, so I did some more research into it, and it just looked better. I was in my 20s then, and figured to be working for another 40 years or so (never imagining that I'd become disabled by illness!) so called the broker who was managing my IRA and my personal account, and had him invest $2000 from my IRA in this stock (Boston Medical). He tried to talk me out of it, because as even I knew, stocks are much riskier than most mutual funds. But I persisted, and he bought at $15 and change a share. I put in a stop-loss order (an order that if it reached a certain value, he would sell the stock) at $47 a share. To his surprise and my delight, within three months it reached that value! He sold, I tripled my investment (less the commission) and it went up one more dollar, then started to drop. If I hadn't read about it in detail in Investor's Business Daily, I never would have considered buying any stock. But I'm glad I did.

I don't risk much money these days, and I no longer subscribe to it. But I do read it at least once a week at the public library here, and I still enjoy it. If you're considering doing your own investing, this is the paper for you. All facts, no fluff.