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Tanya Taylor By Tanya Taylor on
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Inworldz is a virtual game much like Second Life and many others out there that try to imitate it, Inworldz game in my opinion is much better.Regular users of virtual worlds would have no problems with learning this one in a heart beat, and is quickly growing into a popular game. When a new user arrives at the welcome area there are mentors waiting to help anyone, the best part is they do this on their own free will and are not paid for the position, this proves that inworldz welcome area is more friendly and that people want to make it a better place to be at rather than having the interest of making money much like Second Life does.

Having fun and relaxing from the real world is what being in a virtual world like Inworldz is all about, it gives a sense of being else where and you can be what you want to be without any ties to the real world, it is a community to make friends and do things you do not normally do in real thus giving it that apealing desire to even be there in the first place. Inworldz can be fun and you can even work there for real money when you save your izzies(inworldz currency) and cash it out to paypal.