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I.O.U.S.A. Documentry

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By mikeys-thoughts on
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The documentry more than anything looks at the facts when it comes to U.S. financial problems. It also shows what helped feed and lead to the 2007 Recession.

U.S. Trade Deficit

It shows the U.S. Trade Deficit and it doesn't look good at all when compared to other countries. It really wasn't hard to figure out who would have the biggest trade surplus, but I was surprised about the rank of the U.S.

Warren Buffet

Famous investor Warren Buffet helps explain economics and international trade in a very simple and understandable way.

Comments From Other Famous and Important People

Past Fed Chairmans talk common sense, technical aspects, along with some humor when it comes to the economy. I see anger from other people as well as what looks like incompetence when certain people explain their side of the story when talking about people such as Dick Cheney.

U.S. Debt Then and Now

The U.S. has changed in a big way on how it gets ways to pay off debt. The documentry tells how the U.S. use to pay off debt and its shows how more complicated the debt problem has become. Have you ever heard the song 'One Thing Leads To Another'. That song has a lot to do with this documentry.

Financial Warfare

I get an understanding of the meaning of financial warfare on how it can be used and has been used in the past. I'm not talking about Sanctions when it comes to this matter.

George W. Bush and the Federal Deficit

Theres no doubt that U.S. debt would rise when it comes to the Afghan and Iraq war, but its the decesions Bush made on top of those situations that would make the countries financial difficulties worse. However, Clinton did a good job when it came to handling the U.S. Deficit.

Finances From An Individual Perspective

The stuff it says about individual financial choices isn't hard to understand, but may be dificult to live by depending on who you are.


It took something bad to get the country into the financial situation it got into during the 2007 recession and its not going to be easily forgotten. More than anything I think we need to become more savers than spenders and thats where the country seems to be headed from what I'm hearing. I'm also a believer in using alternative energy sources for helping to power the future economy. More people seem to be voting compared to the past so thats a good thing in order to bring the change we need. Yeah Change


I would highly recommend watching the documentry for people who want to get a better understanding on where we (U.S. Citizens) are as a country when it comes to financial problems. The documentry overall gives a thorough review when it comes to showing facts such as graphs on government spending and the amount of massive debt the U.S. is in. I don't think many people realize how serious the problem really is. Overall we as U.S. citizens face serious consequences financially if tough choices are not made. The tough choices goes well beyond an individual, but the country as a whole.