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I Pad Portable Productivity

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Jan Mayrhofer By Jan Mayrhofer on
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Often, when I am away from home, I have an idea or a string of ideas that I have to write down for further investigation or to work on when I have access to my laptop or desktop computer. This could be an online search I want to conduct, or an idea for an article that I’m feeling inspired about wanting to write. The laptop was a great idea, but, truly, it is too unwieldy to carry around on a regular basis and I’ve been obliged to put pencil to paper to “save” an idea from being lost in the day’s hustle and bustle.

So, when I was recently offered the opportunity to buy an iPad that was just three months old and in immaculate condition for a pretty good price, I had an “aha! moment”, and jumped on the iPad bandwagon then and there. This is not the iPad 2, but for my purposes this iPad is exciting, awesome, easy to use, and a mobile workhorse.

My family and I had made the decision not to buy a data package for our mobile phones because of the cost. (At $30.00 a month for each of us the cost was prohibitive.) But I have to admit that I was having a bad case of App-envy.

So I had been considering an iPod Touch because of the ability to go online through wireless networks at no cost, and the opportunity to find out first-hand what all the app buzz was about. When offered the iPad, though, it felt like a no-brainer to take it that one step further because I felt that I could basically replace my laptop with this much more portable device. And I was right - with the help of apps. I will still need my computer occasionally, but it is so cool to just slide my portable “computer” into my purse when I head out the door.

Apps are awesome! There are so many useful apps that are absolutely free, it is a little addicting. I have admittedly been spending hours exploring my options and absolutely enjoying every minute. There will undoubtedly be many app reviews in my future!

Typing on the iPad is a little awkward at first, but with practice I seem to be improving. I do have a wireless keyboard that is easy to hookup via Bluetooth, though. This will probably be the best option if I do get into writing very much, but for today, I am typing on glass for this review. The word processor I am using was an app that cost me $9.99, but it converts to Microsoft Word, which works perfectly for my needs.

With so many wireless access points around these days, from just about wherever I happen to be, I am able to check my email, Facebook posts, traffic reports, weather, news updates, Mapquest, and anything else I might need. I can write articles, conduct research, make shopping lists, play games, listen to music, and even read books. And I know that I have barely "scratched the surface" so far.

My photos never looked so good. I had so much fun showing off my brand new grandson’s pictures at work, at my doctor’s office, to my mom. My pictures have been imported from other sources, though, because, sadly, the onboard camera leaves much to be desired. Maybe Apple will get that part right next time around.

Another wonderful thing about it is the battery life. I can be busy on it for hours and still have plenty. I only need to charge it overnight every other day. I love that.

I have friends who have always sworn by their Apple computers, but I have always been a PC kind of girl. But for its innovation and portability, this Apple product has me singing a different tune!