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I Phone 3 G Explanation Review

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By Khairin Ilias on
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The iPhone 3G has lived up to its hype as Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled it at the WWDC 2008. Combining style and functionality, Apple has succeeded in creating a revolutionary mobile phone that is equal, if not, better than its strong competitiors, RIM's BlackBerry series and it's latest creation, the BlackBerry Storm.

Although Apple fanboys have coveted the iPhone 3G and worshipped it, it still has some weak points that Apple has to improve on before it can snag the hearts of BlackBerry users.

The iPhone boasts a wide 3.5 inch screen which fits into your hand snugly and definitely enough space for your fingers to explore and touch all the buttons you want.

The reason has its reasons for capturing the hearts of all the tech geeks around the world. One of the more genius ideas from Apple is producing the App Store where developers can get the iPhone API and develop useful applications that can run in the iPhone and some of these third party applications really improve the functionality of the phone itself, commonly known as 'apps'.

The iPhone can also double as a Global Positioning System using it's in-built Google Maps for those moments where you're lost in the big city. This requires connection to the Internet which will be mentioned.

The main upgrade for the iPhone 3G from the iPhone is its 3G capabilities. This means that with carriers like AT&T and SingTel with 3G networks, its subscribers will be able to connect to the Internet via the data connection. The difference between 3G and EDGE/GPRS is that the 3G network speeds is definitely faster than the EDGE iPhone which is the 1st generation, and slower. iPhone 3G users all around the world have experienced a notable increase in te speeds when connecting to a 3G network.

And that, is the iPhone.