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Iphone 3 G Review

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By jmoles363 on
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The iPhone 3g is one of the hottest products in the cell phone industry because it not only has a diverse amount of applications and features, but also is very easy to use for the customer. Right now, the iphone 3g is under contract with AT&T, priced at 199.99 for an 8gb memory.

Now, some of the distinct qualities of the iphone 3g include thousands of applications in different categories, 3G supported wifi, email, music, 2.0 mp camera, weather, stocks, accelerometer, and many more. Personally, my most favorite thing to do on the iphone 3g is to surf the web because of its convenience and its easy-to-use features of scrolling and enlarging the images; YouTube and Google maps is accessible on this phone which is AWESOME! Also, the accelerometer is quite amazing as well, which makes web browsing a breeze. The sound quality on the iphone 3g is also very good with three speakers, two on the bottom and one at the top. Although there is no qwerty keyboard on it yet, texting is not as bad as many people think it is, but it will take some time to get used to because it is so narrow; so, if you have big fingers, it could be difficult, but it really isn’t that bad. The music on the phone is great because it’s just like an ipod with your songs from itunes, so you can constantly sync your songs to your phone. The camera is mediocre, especially because there is no recording feature as of right now, but there will be an update very shortly that will fix that. Also, there is no picture messaging, but that also will be fixed after the new software update, 3.0 web OS. Finally, other inherent features on other phones that are on the iphone 3g include a calendar, clock, ringtones, calculator, and notes.

In conclusion, this is just a great device that will help you in your everyday life when you most need. For example, if you’re bored at some event, pull out your iphone 3g and search the web or listen to some music or search the app store for application or search the weather for upcoming days, or the stock market or even your calendar for upcoming events in the future. Overall, this is the future of the cell phone industry that has and will positively change the lives of many people instantly.