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I Phone 3 G: The King Of Touch

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Ahh, the iPhone 3G. So many good things to say, but some bad things as well. Let's start with the good.

The average person doesn't take their phone out of their pocket unless they are about to text or call somebody. With the iPhone, you'll find yourself constantly taking it out to play games, looking up information, using the GPS, or even just to look at it. I've been testing the iPhone for the past two days with writing this review in mind, and I am just going to say it now: it blew my mind.

First, in the box, you'll of course have the iPhone 3G, then under it you'll find a wall plugin, a USB cord, the usual horrid Apple earbuds, a manual for reference, and a little pin for taking out the sim card slot (located on top of the phone.) Basically, the only important objects in this box are the iPhone, the wall plugin, and the USB cord. The manual is a waste of time. Trying this thing out and finding things out for yourself is surprisingly fun. The earbuds are horrid, you might as well use the external speakers. Now, to the phone itself.

Activating this phone is a breeze. Either it is done at home or it is done at the store, depending on which carrier you're buying it from. It's a matter of pluggin it into iTunes, which will read the SIM card and activate your iPhone accordingly. This takes no longer than 30 seconds to do. After it is activated, a nice message pops up telling you that it is activated. Nobody can not smile during this part. I know I smiled.

The call quality of this thing is absolutely amazing. The microphone records with crystal clear quality and the sound quality of the calls are comparable to even home phones. It's really, really good. Depending on your plan, the iPhone comes with visual voice mail: that is, instead of calling into your voicemail and waiting for instructions and such, you simply access a menu that has a list of voice mail messages left for you with the date of receiving it. You click on play and it plays with no wait and, if you want, you have the option of clearing it, all from the menu. No calling required.

The texting on the iPhone is quite fun. Many have made it clear that they did not like the way that the keyboard in the messaging application is only available in portrait mode. Fortunately, Apple is working on and have even released the beta for a firmware update coming very soon, which adds landscape keyboard, MMS, and even copy&paste. This update is just one of many updates that have added a ton of functionality to the iPhone over the period of its availability.

The iPhone triples as a gaming or productivity business device, a phone, of course, and a multimedia player. It basically has an iPod touch inside of it. It is also powerful enough to allow video games to be played on it. Currently, the AppStore, which is the store for purchasing applications either for free or for a fee, is nearing a billion downloads of apps, which is definitely something for Apple to be proud of.

With all of this fun, there are some limitations that sometimes ruin the fun for some. For example, there is no video recording, no MMS, no voice recording (yet, at least, ) and no respectable selection of carriers in Canada. I live in Canada myself, and so I was forced to sign up with Rogers for my iPhone 3G. I suppose the word "forced" isn't too fair because the last two days have been very fun and Rogers has proved to be reliable and available everywhere I went. Perhaps the prices may be a bit too high for those who want data plans, but other than that, Rogers was reliable enough. But there's always an advantage to having more choice, and that point cannot go unmentioned.

So, in conclusion, the iPhone may be or may be close to being the best cellphone you've ever owned. It is very reliable, has a somewhat decent battery life, has an amazing screen, and is generally quite fun to use. But it is not cheap, and it does have its cons. For one, business users who are very serious about the applications that are available may find better luck with the Blackberry Storm or another alternative. But for those who just want to have the most fun possible with a phone, look no further. This thing wins and dominates in the category of sheer fun and joy.