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I Phone 3 Gs 16 Gb Review And Discussion

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The iPhone 3GS, the newest in the generation of apple smartphones. It has a faster processor than the previous generations, and comes with the iPhone 3.0 Operating system, which allows copy and paste, along with bluetooth connectivity. It is easily jailbroken with Blacksn0w although is tethered if you choose to do it that way.

Obviously the main attraction nowadays is the amount of applications on the app store, in which many are free, and also the sleekness of the phone. When you pull out your 3.5" capacitance touch screen, people know what it is, and how much it costs. It is mroe f a status symbol than anything else. The new processor is blisteringly fast, and compared to other cheaper touch screen phone knockoffs, it excels. Although it has a quite measly camera for its price tag, the phone is not bad overall. It can do all thigns that other smart phones can apart from full multitasking. Holding it to your face is like talking into a piece of glass the size of your hand, and if you've just been running, your sweat condenses itself to the screen, which can't be that good.

Overall though, the iPhone defines the smartphone market, with a touchscreen, exptrmely fast response times, the ability to run apps flawlessy, albeit having a terrible battery life.