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I Phone 4: My Personal Experience

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iphone 4, baby!

This review is going to be about Apple's iPhone 4. It came it a few months ago, but it's still a worthy review topic.

Yes, I have one. I jailbreak my iPhone the day I got it. For those of you who don't know what jailbreaking is, here is a bit about it: Apple only allows application downloads approved by apple and from apple's "app store." This means they don't let you download 3rd party applications. All "jailbreaking" your phone does, is insert a few strips of code here and there to let you install 3rd party applications (that aren't approved by apple) on your phone. The main way of doing this is through a 3rd party app store created by Saurik called "Cydia."

Getting on, this phone is really great. For your average Joe, this phone satisfies your needs 100%. There used to be some issue about the phone dropping calls, but that’s never happened to me. The iPhone 4 is many steps up from the previous iPhones: 2g, 3g, and 3gS. From the appstore, you can download games, tools, even online banking. The appstore has over 200, 000 apps: More than one for each and every need.

Aside from how amazing the appstore is the phone has a nice GUI (graphical user interface). Its HD touchscreen display looks nicer than any other phone on the market. The downside is the screen is glass. So if you drop it without a case, you will be looking for a new phone.

The iPhone has a few storage options. From what I know, there is a 8gb storage option, a 16gb, and a 32gb. There might be a 64gb model (I'm not sure). For those who don't know what all this means, think of it like this: 8gb=2000 songs. 16gb= 4000 songs. 32gb= 8000 songs. That’s a lot of music, and a lot of storage for a phone smaller than your hand.

The old iPhones had only a 3mp rear camera. The new iPhone has a 5mp rear camera that is capable of recording HD video. It also features a front camera, useful for taking pictures of yourself and video chatting. For those of you who don't know what video chatting is; It's talking on the phone, but you can also see a video feed of the person you're talking to.

When I first got the phone, the battery would last for days. Over time, it deteriorated to about a full day of use, or if I don't use it very much, 3-4 days. For all this technology jam-packed into a phone, it’s a good-sized battery. I charge it every night I go to sleep, and it's fully juiced in the morning. No complaints on my part.

It's a great phone that I recommend to everyone: Easy to use for the non-techies, and feature rich for the techies. And even more feature-rich for those that are interested in 3rd party apps, which is currently deemed legal by the United States. I DO NOT CONDONE THE USE OF DOWNLOADING PAID APPS ILLEGALY.