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I Phone 4 Overated?

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By restrepo on
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The iPhone 4 was a product that I thought was just an overrated cellphone, because it manufactured by Apple. After months of horrible battery life and other flaws of my HTC Evo 4G, I decided it was time to get something new. Something that I had heard about from friends, family, and the media.

I bought the iPhone 4.

With two-hundred solid dollars i bought an iPhone 4. And boy am i glad I did! The first feature I noticed about the iPhone was the screen, everything was crystal clear and not at all blurry. According to Apple, it's called a retina display. And it looks great. With this retina display, comes a keyboard. The keyboard is just...a keyboard. There's no special thing about it, it just works like it should. Which i find very helpful.

The second feature I noticed was the battery life. The iPhone's battery life is great! I only have to charge the device every two days. There is no more need to worry if there's another battery life to make that last call, or send that last text. I like the reassurance I have that I won't miss an important call.

The iPhone 4 is also quite durable. I bought a case for it, which is very thin. But the iPhone 4 has survived some devastating falls. It was flung out of a movie seat one time, it landed face down, and no damage occurred whatsoever. Slipped out of my hand, fell off my bed, and other little accidents that have happened. No damage was dealt to the iPhone 4, with all the abuse it has taken.

Another great feature the iPhone 4 has is great reception. For all the time I've had this phone, there has never been a place with no reception. And the roaming feature is off. I haven't experienced any dropped calls or bad call quality. But on one occasion, texts were not received by another phone. Other than that, the iPhone has great service quality.

The last thing I will be talking about is the Apps and the size. The size of the iPhone fits well in a pocket, and is easy to grip, or hold on to. The front and back of the iPhone is glass, so fingerprints will show up easily. One of the features of the iPhone is the ability to download apps from Apple's app store. Overall these apps are quality and most are free. Also most apps that cost money are ninety - nine cents.

Overall the iPhone 4 is a quality product. I would recommend this to anybody who wants a smartphone. It's very convenient to use and will actually last a day or two, unlike other smartphones. From experience I can tell you the iPhone 4 is not overrated, it is a great buy.