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I Phone (4th Gen.)

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By perryuppal on
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The iPhone 4G. Everybody went crazy over this phone when it was first released(including me). But, the first two weeks of using the thing was hell. I constantly dropped calls due to the inconvenient antenna placement. Along with the phone having extremely bad reception, the pricing isn't exactly the best. ended up selling my phone to someone on eBay for $250. Almost half of what I paid. Even though from what I've written about the iPhone so far, it still is a nice phone for multitasking and playing apps on. It also doesn't look to bad in my opinion. But that's not a reason to go rushing to the store and buying one now. The keyboard seems even smaller than any other version of the iPhone I've ever used. It is not a phone you would want to be using though if you were waiting for a very important business call. Like I said earlier, the phone is very nice, and is very convenient due to its light weight. One feature that I noticed had no point whatsoever, was the Airplane tool, which allows you to use your phone while in a plane, without interrupting the plane's navigation systems. I tested it out and I was soon asked to turn my phone off by a stewardess minutes after the plane took off. Heed me words. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE.