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I Phone? Or The Best Phone Ever Invented.

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By Alec Johnson on
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This phone is revolutionary and has definitely changed the world when it first came out. As I remember, I was drooling over the phone and would always try to find ways to get it cheaper than it originally was. All of this phone's features are great. The ability to add applications, the all touch screen, and the amazing design is what catches the eye of most Americans. It also has built-in Wi-Fi, speaker grill, USB plug-in, volume controls, lock button, home screen button, text messaging, calendar, photos, camera, a YouTube app, stock app, contacts, maps, weather, calculator, notes, clock (with stopwatch, timer, and alarm) App Store, iTunes Store, and many other apps you want to download.

First off, the applications for the iPhone are jaw-dropping. There are over a million apps for the iPhone out there and all of them are fun to use. From games to utilities such as Facebook or Twitter. You can even download games right off of the iPhone which is awesome. The Wi-Fi allows you to do it easily. If you download off of the Edge built-in to the phone, it can cost money or download slower though, but it is still so great.

The all touch screen is so sweet. You can use multi-touch to zoom into web pages, or use games with multiple fingers. It is so easy to use and barely have to touch the screen, because of its heat sensor touch. The screen is so crystal clear, you can take pictures of ease, and be able to send them to others via email or put on your computer. The all touch and heat sensor makes the iPhone one of a kind, and awesome. People usually compare other phones to the iPhone. Every day, more and more phones try to become more like the iPhone to appeal to many people.

Finally, the design of this phone is crazy and what made the iPhone how it is now. Many people love the light weight and brushed chrome backing, while the front is touchscreen with chrome metal around the sides. The back shows the Apple sign, along with the amount of space and serial number. It is almost impossible to break and is an awesome and durable phone for anyone with two thumbs.

This phone I love and could not live without. I would rather have no phone than not have my iPhone, and it is an absolutely awesome phone. The price is so incredibly low, there’s no reason you shouldn’t buy one!