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I Phone...I Can't Put It Down!

Reviewing: Apple I Phone 3 G (8 Gb)  |  Rating:
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After owning a series of run-of-the-mill flip phones which left us both thoroughly underwhelmed, my husband and I finally decided to upgrade to smartphones. We researched iPhones and several Blackberry models, interrogating friends, family and co-workers on their likes and dislikes about their respective phones. And then Apple announced that the price of the iPhone 3G would drop to $99. As far as my husband was concerned, his decision was MADE! We went to our local AT&T store and each got an iPhone. Having now used the iPhone for about a month, I feel like I can provide an informed review.

First, the positives: This phone is SOOOO much fun to use! The list of applications available for this device is seemingly endless and continues to grow almost daily. Games, networking, banking, news....there truly is something for everyone. I can do everything from playing checkers to finding a public bathroom on this phone! The display is clear and bright, and the phone is generally very easy to figure out....its features operate quite logically. The touch screen makes texting and web surfing a breeze. And of course, having the contents of my iTunes library at hand without having to tote around an iPod AND a cell phone is a definite bonus.

There are a few drawbacks, of course. For instance, I find the phone's ringer to have a very limited volume. No matter which ringtone I select, I just don't think the phone rings loudly enough! Not a huge deal, I know....but it can be annoying to miss calls as a result of it. Also, the iPhone's battery life is notoriously poor. Not a major thing for me, since I keep one charger at home and one at work, but I do wish the battery held a charge better.

All in all, I am quite happy with my iPhone. It's a great tool that happens to double as a fun toy!