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I Pod Nano 2nd Gen Now Outdated, But Still Kicking.

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Zach Mabrey By Zach Mabrey on
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I'll tell you one thing, Apple knows what they are doing. I bought this iPod Nano around 2 years ago, and this little sucker is still going strong. I've always been a big fan of Apple's products, and I'll tell you, they do a really good job on the iPods.

Let me point out the top features of the iPod Nano (2nd Gen, 2 gb)

1. Small, and I mean small. It slides into your pocket so easily and you barely even notice you are carrying it.

2. Decent storage capacity for the year it came out. 2 gigabytes may not be that much now, but when it came out, it did the job and it did it well. The storage capacity is the only reason I will be upgrading to a new iPod soon.

3. Bright, vivid screen. Everything is really easy to see, bright, colorful, and all around just eye-candy. This is one thing that I've always loved about the iPod line, they give you plenty to stare at.

4. Nice sound. I use 320 kbit/s Mp3's, but with any type of audio you are going to get high quality sound. The standard is 128-192 kbit/s, and that sounds nice too.

5. Battery life is killer. I can charge this little puppy at the beginning of the week (and I listen to my music ALL the time) and halfway through the week, its still going strong.

Now, there are some cons. But not many.

1. Storage Capacity. Once good, now obsolete, the storage capacity probably won't carry enough for you. Especially if you are someone like me that is a huge music freak. I have almost 30 gigs in music, and I'm sorry 2 gigabytes just isn't going to cut it.

2. The "metal" style material this iPod is made out of is durable, but scratches quite easily. It can also get dented, and that is quite unattractive.

3. Sound quality isn't as good as the iPod's of the nowaday. Now don't get me wrong, as I said above, it sounds quite nice, but when stacked up against the iPod's today, it just doesn't cut it.

Overall, this iPod is a good little thing to have. If you can still find the somewhere, they are bound to be cheap, (especially considering there are now two other nanos out since this one) and also run really well, despite their age. So, overall yes, I would recommend this product. Check it out if you want a nice, durable, good sounding, good battery life, device to carry your music. Hope you enjoyed this review.