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I Pod Nano Chromatic

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The one gift that my seven year old daughter wanted for Christmas this year was an iPod Nano. She LOVES music, and has been trying to get her hands on my iPod for months. I was initially reluctant to indulge this request, but Santa Claus stepped in and granted her wish. This iPod is very small and thin, yet it has an 8GB storage capacity. It offers a "shake" feature, which will shuffle to a different song on your playlist when you shake the iPod in your hand. I'm not really sure that this feature is useful (I can just as easily move to the next song the "old fashioned way" -- by pressing the next button.), but I guess that it means that this particular iPod model is not likely to be damaged if it gets shaken, right?

This model also offers the "Genius" mode, which when turned on, will make a playlist of songs which have a similar mood or tone. Sounds good, I guess, but I couldn't find anything which described the criteria used to determine that similarity. Is it genre, number of beats per minute? Beats me!

One of the new features I do like is the ability to view your album artwork in Cover Flow mode, which is like a slide presentation of the album covers in your library. Also, any photos stored in this iPod can be viewed vertically or horizontally, just by moving the iPod in your hand.

The only feature I don't really care for is the earbuds, but I guess that's not going to come as any surprise to anyone. The earbuds just don't sit comfortably in my daughter's ears. But that was easily rectified with a set of headphones. What counts for me is that she is thrilled to be the proud owner of this little gem. Thanks, Santa! ;-)

The Nano Chromatic is offered in 9 colors (we chose black, since my daughter's will be kept in a silicone case to prevent scratching anyway).