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Ipod Nano Graphite

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By William Brunt on
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As you can see, the Ipod Nano Graphite is small.

The Ipod Nano Graphite's space is very good for its size. The Ipod Nano Graphite's screen is about the same size as the original Ipod Nano with only a few centimeters added to make the outside coverage. You can not buy any applications for this Ipod yet, but I am thinking that this is only the start. There is a fitness monitor built into the Ipod with monitors your steps and minutes that you have excercise for. You can add many songs as it holds 2000 songs but you could squeeze a few more in there. It is a great buy if you are not looking for a big, bulky complicated music player as it gives you easy access to all its features and it is very easy to get used too.

Comparing the Ipod Nano Graphite's space size and its visual size, you are left to wonder how you can fit so many songs into a little device that Apple has given you. With two sizes in space to buy - 8GB and 16GB - and only a little price difference between both, you are stuck in the same spot wondering which one to buy. Never the less, it neglects the famous Ipod Touch's usage but it updates the Ipod Nano in just about everything. You can still fit it on to the collar of your t-shirt or the back pocket of your jeans and with new updates to the Ipod regularly, Apple just keeps on making this Ipod better and better by building on its usage and easiness.

If you just feel like sitting in a corner and plugging your earphones into your ears or speeding along the motorway in your open roofed vehicle, you can listen to your Ipod Nano Graphite just about anywhere without having the worry of losing it because of the easy clipable clip that you can clip on to any piece of clothing. Also, with just a small size, the Ipod Nano Graphite lets you just slip it into your pocket without having the worry of it getting stolen.

Using this Ipod nearly everyday of my life since October 2010, the Ipod Nano Graphite hasn't brung me disappointment. Its simple design brings you shock to your face when you find out how easy it is to use this amazing product. As you can see from my ratings, it has qualities that are great and qualities that are terrible, but I wouldn't hesitate in buying this from Apple store.