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Ipod Nano: Great Product, Bad Tech Support

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By marnm02 on
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I was delighted to get my iPod Nano for Christmas two years ago. It was brand new on the scene then, and I felt oh-so-cool with it. It was my first MP3 player, so I had a lot to learn. I caught on quickly and learned how to put all my CDs on it. I didn't even think I needed to have the CDs anymore, so once they were on the iPod I sold or gave them all away. I also learned to use iTunes, and downloaded all the songs I like as I heard them.

Things were going great. Until my computer crashed. Was it ever a nightmare dealing with their tech support to get my songs back!

First of all, they CHARGE you to talk to tech support! It's not enough that you buy the iPod itself for $200 and pay $1 per song on iTunes. You have to PAY to talk to tech support.

I think it should be a lot easier to recall and move around songs. You pay for them, you should be able to do what you want with them. I ran into another problem when I got a new computer. I could install my iTunes, but it there was no way that I could figure out to move songs I downloaded on the old computer to the new computer. And no way was I going to pay to talk to their tech support again.

I understand the need for Apple to have security, but they take it too far with the songs. Since they are charging for them, they need to give people more freedom to move them onto different computers. I realize I should have been backing them up, and that is my fault, but I never in a million years would have thought that Apple wouldn't have anticipated people getting new computers and wanting to move their songs. This process should be much easier than it is.

The positive aspects of this product do make it worth having. The sound quality is amazing, and the battery lasts a pretty good amount of time. Although my Nano is tiny, it still holds tons of songs! I've been putting songs on it for the past two years and I've only used half the space.

I also really like all the accessories you can get to dress it up and play it in different places.

If they could just improve their tech support and lighten up on song security the iPod Nano would be a phenomenal product!