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I Pod Nano Sets My Soul On Fire

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dade By dade on
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As soon as I saw the TV ad for this, I knew I would be getting it. It's the Apple 8GB, iPod Nano Video. The screen display is a lot brighter than Apple's last generation.

I had heard about this new piece of heaven, sometime last summer, from Alex, another Mac freak, friend of mine. He sent me an email link, to check out it out. I am glad I saw what Mac was up to, with this newer generation, Nano Video. I had almost gone out and bought an iPhone a couple of days before this. I'm glad I waited.

I couldn't find any deals on the iPod Nano Video. In fact, I had a difficult time finding any at all. I finally found two of them at the Meijer store, down the road. I really did not think they would carry something like this.

I sneaked it into the garage, when I got home. The kids were playing next door and Jan was on the phone with one of her sisters. What a long 4 hours to wait until after dinner, then pretend I was relaxing. When everyone wasn't looking, I went to garage, grabbed the Apple box and walked as natural as I could, into the den with my new toy.

There was no way I could justify this purchase, yet. I had not thought of a good excuse, except; I really wanted this Nano Video and could not see myself, living another moment without it.

Once I hooked it up to my Mac, and finished formatting the iPod Nano Video, I hooked it up and downloaded from iTunes, like a madman. What a killer, detailed, little screen! I put on my earphones, just as my wife came in. She took one look at what I had, took everything away from me, then hooked the iPod up to herself and walked out of the room.

About an hour later, I went out to the backyard, where Jan was kicking back with my new toy and humming to herself. She didn't even look at me, as I walked toward her. She said, "Just keep on walking, "iPod boy", the front yard needs to be mowed.

I have been playing with this marvel for a couple of months now and still, it takes my breath away. The screen is not just "picture perfect", and the audio is rich and superb; it is also very interactive. Use your finger over the screen to flip through the albums, turn over the cover to check out the play lists.

Apple's iPod nano video bundle, comes with everything you need to set up and get moving. Earphones, USB cable, Dock adapter and a easy to follow, quick start up manual. You need a computer to download from, with Internet connection. iTunes comes as a free download. iTunes makes everything with this Nano video, worthwhile.

Before you actually go out and buy one for yourself, go to Apple and see what requirements are to use the Nano video. http://store.apple.com/.

I have to tell you, it is the coolest, most sophisticated toy you will ever own, of it's kind.

The only complaint I have is, I have to fight off everyone to use it and I paid for it. Life isn't fair, sometimes.