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Ipod Nano Sleek And Sexy

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By colonelj on
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The Ipod Nano is Apple Computer's newest offering in its chain of audio players, and boy, it does not disappoint. The machine offers nearly every every feature available in the regular size iPod, at a fraction of the cost.

The greatest feature of this version is the portability: it fits very easily in small pockets, or, when you'Re like me, bigger pockets that are always full of stuff. It is also very sturdy: I dropped it quite a few times, somtimes on the sidewalk, and it has suffered no apparent damage. The solid-state flash memory is a huge advantage over the bigger iPod's hard drive: it doesn't skip, you don't risk getting a failed hard drive after a few years of use and there is no delay when you want start a song. The product's look is very modern, and attracts easily the eye. No wonder it is so popular.

But is it good at what it is supposed to do? It plays music very well. The sound quality is near-perfect. The included earbuds aren't cheap and they reproduce sound very well; low and high frequencies are well represented. If you're not an elitist audiophile, you definitely won't mind what these earbuds have to offer. The iPod Nano accepts MP3, AAC and AIFF; you most likely won't need the latter two, so MP# is good enough. It can also handle video and pictures, even though getting the right video format can be a bit of a struggle at times.

A lot of features are available in the iPod's software: you can take notes, there are games included, an alarm clock, a stopwatch... I would have liked, however, to see a radio tuner and a voice recorder. Even though those features are lacking, the machine is great.

However, not everything is perfect: the battery isn't all that great. When new, the iPod can stay on for 8-10 hours. Now, however, I have owned it for 1 1/2 years and the battery life is very short, a few hours only.

The screen has also suffered a bit, it is quite fragile: if you buy one, you should consider buying it a protection sleeve. Mine is now full of cracks and blemishes which tarnish the product's beauty. The screen hasn't lost any of its readability, though.

Overall, the iPod Nano is an good, easy to use mp3 player. I recommend it heartily