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Ipod Replacement Battery

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Steven Rupp By Steven Rupp on
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After one and a half years of constant, heavy use, my 30gb video Ipod got to the point where it didn't hold a charge for very long.

I know that most Ipod owners think that their beloved gadget is "dead" at this point, and look to buy a new one. Either they don't realize that they can just replace the battery, or the thought of it is such a daunting task, they forgo that, and just buy another one.

With the cost of a new one being $250 - $350, and a replacement battery only $29.99, I chose the latter.

I did some research online, and found a vast number of batteries at all price ranges. I was very leery of batteries from companies I had never heard of, and buying a cheap knock-off. My Ipod is such a big investment and so dear to me that I was afraid of putting a sub-quality battery in it and ruining the whole thing.

There is a local store called Batteries Plus that sells batteries of any type imaginable. I looked on their website and found a battery for my Ipod made by Eveready, and I was thrilled, because that is such a recognizable name. And, the price was only $29.99, so I had them order one for me.

The battery comes with 2 plastic tools that you use to seperate the 2 halves of the Ipod. After doing that, you lift up a clip to release a wire that is attached to the old battery, lift up the old battery which is glued onto the bottom half of the Ipod, press the new battery in it's place on the adhesive residue, clip it's wire in place, and then snap the 2 Ipod halves together. THAT'S IT! It took me less than 2 minutes. And now my Ipod is like brand new for $29.99 instead of $299.99!

Every owner of a "dying" Ipod can, and should, buy and install the Eveready replacement battery.