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I Pod Shuffle Look Alike? Darned If I Know

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lexxia By lexxia on
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The other evening I attended a business meeting and of course I always love getting little goodies - that's one of the main reasons I go :) This was a dinner meeting and as a thank you for making an appearance I received a little itty bitty MP3 player - it's really kind of cute, but then what do I know - the only MP3 player I've ever owned was scoffed by my youngest daughter after I owned it for all of 2 weeks.

This particular little mp3 player measures 1/2" high by maybe 3/4" wide (sorry don't have a ruler nor any quarters on me to provide truly accurate dimensions at the moment - a case of when you need it you can't find it if you know what I mean?) and has all the similarities to the IPod Shuffle including the easy clip on feature and the charging dock but is actually a knock off. I have to say though that it did fool my daughter for a second but only until she read the package which calls it simply "MP3".

The next morning as I drove her to school she was complaining that the ear buds were far too large for her ears and only one side (the right) was working. Easily remedied I told her, we simply buy another pair. When she tried to skip to another song or turn the volume up or down, nothing would happen. "Mom, I think I know why you got this for nothing...the buttons don't work!" Well, yes, the buttons do work - she happened to have the player on "Hold", it has the ability to disable all of the buttons, a feature that ensures that once your songs are playing you can lock it in place so that if you accidentally hit one of the functions to skip or lower volume, nothing will be affected. Once she removed the Hold, it worked just fine.

It's tiny enough to discreetly sit in a shirt or pocket so that she can have her player helping her rock through the whole 3.5 hours of class she has every day - yes, they are allowed to listen to music while they do their school work - the teachers at this particular school believe that teens actually do study and absorb when they are listening to tunes and have seen a marked improvement since they began allowing the kids to do so - I believe it as this girl of mine can have her music blaring and she'll run through essays, stories, math problems and more with much more ease than if she is sitting in a dead silent room.

Overall, this mp3 player appears to be just as functional, useful and durable as the IPod shuffle and so far my daughter is pretty pleased with the free gift I got.

There is one drawback to this MP3 player, the battery. It doesn't hold a charge for extended play time. It lasted only about 4 hours but I have a feeling that my daughter may not have actually fully charged it. We'll be charging it for a longer period to shortly and I'll report if that remedied the shorter life span.

For Free, this appears to be a fairly suitable alternative to the IPod Shuffle - at least so far.