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Ipod Touch

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By jameshe007 on
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Ipod Touch 8GB

The Ipod Touch is one of Apple's latest devices. It is somewhere between a regular MP3 player and a tablet. Some features include music, video, radio, applications, web browsing and games. As you can see, this device can actually perform quite a lot. The only thing it cannot do is multitask so there are no chances of web browsing and listening to music at the same time. This would be the biggest disadvantage to it.

The music and video playing are in a good quality, but not the very best. Take for example the screen of the Ipod Touch; it is not in 720 pixels rather 560 pixels. This shows that it is not yet in high definition. Generally it isn't that bad when it comes to watching a video in this quality, but it certainly could improve. The screen is not yet in OLED like the Zune player, but it probably isn't needed. The radio is really simple; you could be able to record using some applications if you manage to find it.

The games come in as an application. You simply can buy or get the games for free in some cases in the AppStore. Most games are just simply $0.99. Sometimes it could be a little bit expensive, but most are just a dollar range. These games range from chess and all the way to shooting. These games overall speaking are fun to play and are challenging.

The games are only part of the applications. The actual AppStore contains way more than just games. Some include accessibility which helps you in sometimes more ways than other. Some would include the calculator which I find to be incredibly useful. When you're at the counter in a grocery store, you can calculate the cost yourself. Surprisingly the store almost got away short changing me when I used the calculator. Not only this, but there are so many applications you just have to see for yourself.

The web browsing is probably the one feature everyone uses the most. The web browser unlike some others is fairly fast. This doesn't mean that it cannot be slow because it can get slow. The great thing about this is that YouTube is enabled allowing you to view and watch videos. Most players do not have this flash or this so called function. The good thing is that you can have more than one window open so you can manage several pages at once.

These are all what this good product has to offer, but what are some bad things? For one, you cannot get the most out of it. The battery life is just simply too short on a single charge with and without the Wi-Fi on. For those who use their devices none stop, it will have to be charged every day. This would wear down the battery. The more important thing is that you cannot replace the battery yourself. There are screws located at the bottom, but taking them out will result you a still sealed device. Changing the battery yourself will cost a maximum of ten dollars, but in this case it is simply not possible. The Ipod Touch does have a tendency to freeze in totally unexpected times. You will have to reboot it up and use it.

Overall this is quite a decent product, but wouldn't recommend it. Yes it does have everything, but you will have better luck with some other products. The Apple brand's products out date themselves way too fast to allow you to stay up to their latest. The service and accessories for these aren't cheap either so this is the best out of the ordinary, but not best out of the extraordinary.