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Ipod Touch 16gb

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Nickey George By Nickey George on
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Unboxing my iPod Touch 16GB 1st generation was quite an unforgettable experience as it made me think this could be my best iPod ever - or my best mp3 player ever!

The iPod Touch bears a lot of differences from my previous iPods (iPod mini, iPod U2 Video 5.5 generation). First, upon unboxing it, you will immediately find out that playing and navigating its menus isn't possible as it will prompt you to connect it to your computer.

The looks? Sexy, period. If unboxing my iPod Touch was already unforgettable, seamlessly and smoothly navigating its menu and staring at its touch-sensitive screen was indeed an inexplicable high! Aesthetically, this iPod is a winner! Complaints? The back part is a scratch magnet like the previous iPod Videos and current iPod Classics, so applying a protector on it is recommended. Oh, and by the way, applying a screen protector is a must.

The sound? Not much difference compared with my previous iPods. The stock earbuds are still pretty much useless for me as it again tends to be very loud and it fits loosely in my ears, but when I plugged in my V-Moda m-class remix earphones, it was better. Plugging in my recently purchased Sennheiser MX560 earphones was even better! Again, changing the stock earbuds provide great sound without even using the iPod's equalizer feature which eats up your battery's juice. But.. The iPod is still not the best mp3 player out there in terms of sound quality. For me, the best sounding mp3 player I ever had was my good old Creative ZEN Vision:M.

Features, usability and other "great things"? Wi-Fi. Yes, Wi-Fi. Using just your iPod Touch, you'll be able to connect to wireless networks and surf the Internet using the built-in Safari browser. Calculator. Not very impressive as an additional feature but can be quite useful. One thing I liked best with my iPod Touch is creating an On-the-Go playlist. With my previous iPod U2 Video and iPod mini, if along the way you accidentally pick a song that you don't want to add to your On-the-Go, the only way to resolve that is erasing all the songs and start all over again. Tedious, isn't it?

Performance? Battery life is better than expected. Having a flash drive as opposed to hard disk-based mp3 players, it's not power hungry, but the thing is, charging and syncing it quite longer (I wonder why).

Last words? I still love my 1st generation iPod Touch and have no plans of replacing it with the newer generation iPod Touch. My only complaint is, my music library has already reached the 20GB mark and obviously, I have no way of loading all of them in! But of course, that was my fault as I could have purchased the 32GB iPod Touch which is obviously, much more expensive, or at least, the 1st generation iPod Classic 80GB. Am I satisfied, yes I am, however, if there are a couple of features I want this iPod or future iPods to have, those would be the ability to delete playlists or songs from the player itself and the ability to view song information (or tags) - like my good old Creative ZEN Vision:M.