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I Pod Touch 32 Gig Touching Never Felt So Good

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By zirchxworld on
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Just got my new iPod Touch 32g for my 18th birthday on July 9th. I was so excited to finally get a new iPod. Apps is the coolest thing ever. Its so fun to go and download new apps and listen to music at the same time.

While most of Apple's products are absolutely amazing they seem to all have a very short battery life. The iPod Touch is the same but its actually amazing that the battery life lasts as long as it does with as many things going on. I mean you can rock to your awesome music, surf the web, check emails, play games, and even look at your stocks all within about a minute. Truely amazing.

The best thing i like about the iPod Touch are the controls and ease of use. Apple just speaks my language without even saying a word by just making their products so easy to use and so easy to set up. That is the best things about Apple are the state of the art equipment, the simple design, and making it look like its worth the money. The iPod Touch is no exception and while the battery life is a little short the product is still the best portable music player out there. The only thing better than the iPod Touch is the iPhone, which is what im gonna try and save up for next.