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I Pod Touch 4 G Review

Reviewing: Apple I Pod Touch 4th Gen.  |  Rating:
By chrizz Nelson on
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4g Ipod 4th Touch Gen

The iPod touch 4th gen is the newest in the iPod series and it has come back with new features. It has a new retina display has a front facing camera for Facetime and a back one for taking 720p videos. It has a new processor and more ram then the previous generation. The iPod is slimmer and has a rounded back so it wont wobble when you put it on a table.The iPod is very slim at .28 inches thick and only weighs 101 grams. Let's get started with the review

Audio Quality: 4

Not the best Audio quality, but not bad either. It is better than the last generation but not by much. We have seen better from the iPod shuffle.

Storage Capacity: 4

The iPod touch 32 gb has enough memory to store all your favorite music, photos, and apps. In my opinion the 64 gb is way too much and the 8 gb is way to little.

Ease of use: 5

The iPod touch is extremely easy to use. You just flick your finger across the screen to see your other apps and just simply touch the music icon to play music. That simple.

Size: 5

The iPod touch has slimmed down quite a bit since the last generation. It is small, but not too small and it is easy to put into pocket. Even though the iPod is small the screen is still large and usable. The key board is small to the screen

Battery Life: 2.9

The battery life is very mediocre and short. I found myself charging it every day. Expect it to stay plugged into your computer. The wifi connection and the touch screen take ALOT of energy.

Ear buds: 1

Just your cheap flimsy apple earbuds. I recommend buying yourself some earbuds because these wont last 1 month.

Extra Features: 5

The app store has literally 1000's of apps ready to use some being free. The apps extend the value of the iPod. It also has facetime, a calculator, games, and a camera


I recommend this product to people who cant afford an iPhone and people who want a Music player that does more than play music. This would make the perfect gift for a teen.