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I Pod Touch 4g: Worth Your Money?

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Peter Benko By Peter Benko on
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When it comes to hearing music many people turn to Apple for their well renowned iPod Touch. I myself like much of the public made the same decision for the same reasons. One of the reasons I bought an iPod Touch is because of the slim appearance and extra features besides a music player. However the ear buds that come with the iPod Touch are cheap and better quality ones can jack the price up a lot. Below is what I think of the product.

"Size matters" is a saying that describes a lot of things in life and one of them is defiantly this size of your iPod. The product has a 4.3x2.4in screen and is .33 inches thick. Over all the iPod is slim and has a sufficient screen but lacks the sophisticated look of the other Apple products. The software (4.0) was disappointing to me when I learned the new features advertised where mostly for the iphone 4. I believe to get the most out of the operating system a jailbreak is necessary which allows backgrounds and an advanced multitasking system. Other benefits of jail breaking include downloads from safari and Wi-Fi tethering. Over all the appearance of the iPod Touch is satisfactory and is a beneficial part of the iPod.

One thing the iPod touch brings to the table that no other mp3 player can is the extra features such as surfing the web and the legendary app store. The web surfing feature is a far superior trait that most mp3 players cannot even claim to have a similar product. The internet on the iPod touch is great for things like watching YouTube videos and checking email however it doesn't support flash which is roughly 80% of the internet. The iPod touch is not the only mp3 player with a built in store for games however the level of trust is certainly far greater knowing you are buying from apple instead of some generic brand. Obviously, the extra features a huge bonus for the iPod touch however the ear buds are not.

The standard ear buds for the iPod touch are a huge disappointment with a fit that doesn't stay in your ear and break easily. I myself decided to buy some in ear skull candies for twenty dollars bringing the total cost of my purchase to 220 dollars and brings me to the price of cost. After the expensive purchase of the iPod itself which can't compare the price of 30 dollars of other replicas I also had to buy 20 dollar head phones, not to mention each song costing a dollar I resort to jail breaking apps and using other methods to get my music. Over all if you are willing to spend the money the iPod touch is for you however if you are a normal American, I would recommend trying out other replicas.