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Ipod Touch: A Love Hate Relationship

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Denise Wy By Denise Wy on
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Any techno maniacs here?

Now I'm here to talk about the famous Ipod Touch one. Me and wypee (I named my iPod) had been together for almost a year now. I've got the 1st gen 8GB one and got it's firmware updated to 2.1.

Personally, it's a love-hate relationship. I love wypee (my iPod) because it let's me read ebooks anytime I want. Because to tell you the truth I have only 13 songs saved compared to my 74 ebooks. Yeah I know it's weird because an Ipod is a music device but I turned it into an ebook reader! Haha! I have also stuffed it with apps and games.

Surfing the net is also convenient because it's wifi ready! It also has a built in scientific calculator! You may also check your emails, watch YouTube and even visit webcams all over the world! (must download the webcam app first). You can also save documents and even some personal notes in it.

But as you can see, not all relationships are perfect. There are times that I get frustrated that i'm considering to let wypee fly...(well, you get the picture right?)

There are times that it suddenly hangs up! There was even a time where I no sound was coming out of it's earphones! Geez!

But that was long ago. Now we enjoy a harmonius relationship. (you might imagine me talking to inanimate objects huh?)

One more thing I love about iPod touch is it's graphics and resolution. You can watch a movie with a crystal clear resolution. The sound is great too! You must also try the games! It's almost as good as a PSP! No kidding!

To sum it all up, having an iPod touch can make your life easier. (was that overstated?)

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