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Ipod Touch Software Upgrade, Is It Worth It?

Reviewing: Apple Ipod Touch 16gb January Software Upgrade  |  Rating:
faocha By faocha on
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The iPod Touch software upgrade gives ipod touch owners 4 new applications: Maps, Notes, Mail and Weather.

Maps is well worth using; offering street, satellite and hyrbrid view, listing directions and a handy button to us wherever we are located. Mail is nifty too, checking all your mail accounts for you and a pop up alerts you to new messages. Notes and Weather are nothing more than widgets, but fun.

The other perks include the new option of being able to save links to your ipod touch 'home' page in the form of buttons, and being able to rearrange these buttons so that you can have everything you use reguarly on the first page and fill up the following pages accoring to your preference. This aspect is great because anyone who has an ipod touch knows how frustrating it can be to keep launching your browser, search your bookmarks and then get to the page you want. Much easier to save it (in the form of a cute little screenshot button) so that it is always at your fingertips.

But is it all worth the $20?

iPhone users love these new applications because they can use them all the time through their phone carrier. iPod Touch users, without a Wi-Fi connection to use these applications on the go (such as getting directions from the 'Maps' while you are in your car) they are essentially useless. After all, if you are stuck on the 5 fwy without a Wi-Fi connection, what use is it to you? None.

In the end, you are paying $20 for the new applications and user interface, but without a constant Wi-Fi connection it will add nothing to your everyday experience. Outside of your home or office it will be the same ipod touch it was before you paid for the upgrade. I would suggest that ipod touch users wait until the upgrade is offered for free.

And now that I mention it, why is apple charging us for a software upgrade? Come on apple, thats just greedy.