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I Pod Touch, The Great

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The iPod touch by Apple. The device that is looks like an iPhone but only it is an iPod. It does not have the phone feature but it does have the other cool and awesome features that the iPhone has. If you already know what the iPhone looks liked or feel like then it is the same as with the iPod touch.

The iPod touch, or some people call it the "iTouch, " has a multi-touch feature which allow you to glide, flick, pinch, and tap on the screen using only your fingers. It has a built in Wi-Fi to used with the Safari, a web browser, YouTube, iTunes store, and so much more. With its Wi-Fi capability you can almost do anything like using a laptop. You can browse the internet using Safari. You can watch videos from the YouTube built in application with its 3.5-inch screen display. You can even buy music directly from your iPod touch using the iTunes store. This is what so great about the iPod touch. Not only that you can use it as an MP3 player or video player but you can also use it as web interface device. Comparing it to the 80GB iPod Video, the price may seem a little too high for an 8GB or 16GB hard-drive size. But with all the features that I have mentioned does seem to make it a worth buying device.

Just recently, the month of January 2008, Apple released the January Software Update for both the iPod touch. Basically, what's this Software Update is about is that it features a five applications that the iPhone already has. These applications includes the Mail, Maps, Weather, Notes, and Stocks. I'll explain what each application does, although they're kind of obvious just by their names. The Mail application allows you to send emails to your buddies and families. Popular email providers like Yahoo Mail, Gmail, .Mac, and AOL are included. You can also use IMAP and POP feature to fetch your other emails from other email providers. The Maps is basically a Google Map version for the iPod touch and iPhone. It is similar to the Google Maps you used in your computer. The new feature here is that it has GPS-like capability which it can find your current location. Though it must be connected to a Wi-Fi network. Same goes for the other applications. The Weather is no surprise. You can check your daily weather and so on. It aslo allows you to browse a weather from another location or country which is great for traveling. The Notes allows you input your personal or daily notes. For example, use Notes to make lists of your shopping items. The Stocks allows you to view and add the daily or monthly stocks in the market (i.e. NASDAQ). In addition to those five applications, a new feature of the Software Update allows you to move and customize the icons on the Springboard. You can also add and deleted bookmark icons into the Springboard. But don't get too excite now. This Software Update will cost you. Apple does not offer the it for free which inlcudes the five apps. It costs $19.99 which I think is ridiculus. I mean this applications should have been in the first place. But this is only for those who bought the iPod touch before December 27th, 2007. After that date, I beleive the new touches comes in with the Software Update.

Here are some negatives:

Disk-Mode disabled, why Apple, why?

Battery drainer (22 hours music, 5 hours videos), kinda make sense of a small device that can do almost anything.

But I still think the iPod touch or the iPhone is the coolest device ever made. You should buy one too.

By the way, I am not affiliated with Apple or whatsoever.


Yes, I have heard of jailbreak if you're gonna throw that in your comments. Mine is JBn. XD.