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I Pod Video

Reviewing: Apple I Pod Apple 30 Gb I Pod Video Aac/Mp3 Player White  |  Rating:
kurenai By kurenai on
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I originally got this iPod Video when it first came out as a birthday present. My daily commute takes about one hour one way and spending that time listening to music instead of staring at a wall was a good reason.

To start, I was very pleased with the iPod at first. It had a nice, sleek design and was easy to just put into my pocket when I wanted to use it. The earbuds were also comfortable, even though they did have their moments when they fell out every now and then. The first peeve I began to develop abou the iPod though was the batterly life. My cellphone outlived the iPod's battery by up to five hours, with the iPod battery being dead after 4-6 hours max.

I moved to Maryland over the summer and had my iPod in my backpack during the move. I got one hell of a surprise when I took it out: the screen had a black spot in it and the iPod wasn't working. This was pretty weird to me since I had no hard things in my backpack which might've done the damage and how fickle the iPod really was.

If this happens to you, forget about fixing it. Apple offered to fix the screen for $200. Considering this thing cost my mother almost $400 to begin with, something that lasted only three months isn't worth it's expense. If you're going to buy an iPod, just buy a Shuffle. Too expensive, too short-lasting.