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I Pod Video 30 Gb

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By thedefier on
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No product's perfect but the iPod comes very close. Add in Video features and you've got yourself a really very close-to-perfection product :).

The iPod Video is a spawn of Apple's iPod series, and a wickedly hi-tech one at that. It supplies you storage of all possible media files : audio files (music), photos, videos and notes. The main feature of iPod Video is its videos but of course, you get more than that since the iPod was built on music.

Audio Quality is exceptional, no questions asked, but the maximum music could be a little louder :) . Music Playback formats is pretty good but does not support all formats as I've found myself having to convert some of my files to work with the iPod. Size is great but the Nano is still much more manageable so this is just a 4. Earbuds however, annoyed me as I had to buy a pair of better earbuds than the default ones supplied... maybe it's just my ears or it's really Apple's fault. Storage Capacity in our current age is not as high as other great devices but it's more than enough for anyone in my opinion. Battery Life was average, could have been better, as the videos quickly depleted the battery and the songs would only last 3 hours maximum. Aside from these, the innovative Click Wheel made it very easy to use.

And there's always games to play in case you're sick of the typical mp3 stuff. iPod Video, a recommended buy if you don't like the iPod Touch for some reason.