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I Pod Video 8 Review

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Katy Lee By Katy Lee on
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I absolutely love iPods! For me, they're so usefull for getting me through the day and keeping me occupied when it seems there's nothing else to do. There are so many songs available for mP3's and iPods, but sometimes, maybe the song i want costs extra money because of its old or young age. Same thing with select movies.

Recently, people found virus' in the iTunes software, and in the memory of the iPod itself, making it kind of hard to trust this product when thinking of buying a music player. Personally, I have logged on and found some of my songs or pictures have been deleted with no warning. That makes me a bit mad at the Apple company, and at even their other products. At one time, i owned an apple computer and expeirienced the same problems with my hard drive; docmuments getting deleted and such.

Overall, i would say the iPod is great for me and my busy life, but if you buy it, you need to expect the negatives that come along with this product.