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I Review White 30 Gb Video I Pod Review

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My 5-generation video iPod has served me well, believe it or not. Kept in good condition, it's been my one and only portable music player, because it has all the things I really need.

This 30g iPod can play music, movies, podcasts, music videos, picture slideshows, and even games. Calendars, the time, and even clocks telling the time in other places of the world are also available. Notes can be downloaded into it, although the only punctuation it shows are periods, question marks, dashes, and quotations. It has an excellent storage.

It's quite minimalist design with only a screen, touch knob, headphone plug, and power socket, is also very appealing and has the same cool, clean design like the Apple desktops. The silver back is very reflective and undistorted, so it also serves well as a mirror. The weight is not heavy nor too light, and the body is not so small as to get easily misplaced, nor too big as to bother you.

However, beware traveler, this iPod tends to freeze out of nowhere. It also doesn't possess the fancy-shmancy WiFi connection that everyone wants these days, but since this version was created before WiFi was very popular, I guess I shouldn't forge an opinion on that matter. It also will not let you zoom in on your pictures for a closer look.

But overall, a 30g iPod is a good sturdy investment to make if you want a simple music player that'll do its job.