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I Robot Rommba 560 Is A Great Timesaver

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By dmk417 on
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The iRobot Roomba is a vacuuming robot, and I have become quite attached to the little guy. His name is Marvin in my household, but of course you can name yours whatever you would like! This little machine has saved me so much time, and it is so conveniant, you will never forget to use it. with just a little bit pf preparation, you can have a clean floor all the time, and it takes only about 10 minutes a week.

The iRobot can be programmed to specific times during which to do its cleaning. I like to leave it running when I will be out for a couple of hours. When I come back, my floors are spotless. This robot sweeps better than either I or my husband. With its virtual lighthouse technology (these are small devices that set up roadblocks the roomba won't pass, or to encourage it to move on to the next room when finished with the first), you set the boundaries and the roomba does the rest. All you have to do is make sure to pick up the things on the floor that you would normally move to vacuum under anyway. This fifth generation roomba has worked out its problems, and can easily go from one floor type to another. It even has cliff sensors that will not allow it to fall down stairs or other steep inclines.

The Roomba does require some maintanance. You need to clean out its filters after each cleaning. This literally takes two minutes. The first time you run it, it will probably need cleaned out a few times during the cycle. THis is because it is getting the dirt you could not with your regular vacuum. You will occasionally need to replace some parts, but there are replacements for EVERYTHING. You will never have to buy a whole new roomba once you are hooked on this robot. And, if you register your robot, you recieve a voucher for a discount on your first order, which is so nice of the manufacturer!

It is my belief that anyone using this product will be impressed with its performance, as long as you remember a few things:

1. It will take longer than you would to clean a room, but it also does a better job.

2. A bigger house will require a recharge, or you can program the robot to clean different parts of your house each day.

3. Put your dog outside when you use the roomba!