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Iron Supplement With Vitamins

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On my quest to seek out a healthier lifestyle a number of things have changed in my life including getting off of prescription medications. The drawback to this however, is that due to the health issues I have, I need to do something to ensure that my pain, fatigue and "brain fog" don't run away on me and leave me back where I began in 1993.

To ensure that I can keep pace with life while still maintaining my health reasonably well I decided to seek out a number of alternative medications to have on "stand by" for the those times when my illness, namely Fibromyalgia, would rear it's ugly head and threaten to derail my progress.

Recently I began feeling pretty tired which was a direct result of my sleeping patterns (or lack there of) and my simply not having much interest in foods. While doing some research one day I came across the symptoms that one might experience if they are low on iron and many of the symptoms I was experiencing - lethargy, sluggishness, dizziness, weakness etc., can all be attributed to low iron.

I decided to purchases a bottle of Maltlevol 12 - an iron supplement that is taken 3 times a day, 1 tablespoon per serving. Almost immediately I noticed a change. I'd definitely hit upon one of the reasons why I didn't feel 100%. The one thing I discovered while researching Low iron was the fact that people who drink a lot of coffee are more susceptible to this problem. I didn't know that and I was certainly a prime candidate then. I am a huge coffee drinker and so upon learning this I decided to begin tapering back on my coffee intake, replacing a number of cups with more suitable things like water and green tea.

The improvement was definitely worth the changes and the Maltlevol 12 definitely helped. This isn't an unpleasant tasting liquid - which is brown in color and which can, if you don't eat enough fiber, cause constipation. So far I've not had any issues though.

The one thing this medication will cause though is changes in your system particularly if you are on a thyroid supplement which I am. So I don't take the full 3 tablespoons a day, instead I have only taken 2 teaspoons and I've still found enough of an improvement in how I feel to encourage me to continue taking this product.

Now that I've felt more energetic and less dragged out I've cut back to taking only 1 teaspoon a day, which I just started doing this week. So far I still feel just fine so I have to say this product does work if you are someone who finds that you need a little boost with iron.

The bottle is a large, 350ml and contains Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Riboflavin, niacinamide, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and of course iron in a sherry base. I wasn't too certain about that sherry base but the flavor doesn't seem to be too terrible to manage and since taking this I've stopped taking the one a day vitamin I was taking previously.

A decent product that isn't too expensive and does what it should. I'll continue to take it as I've had no side effects and so far the improvement is worth it.