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Iron Man Paramount Dvd Widescreen

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There's alot that can be said about Tony Stark just from his name, "stark." That's just what he is.

In the character of Ironman you will find the [email protected]$$, muscular, freedom-fighting vigilante everybody likes, with the additional "wow" factor of the technology and affluence everybody wants. Tony is captured by terrorists and has to build himself a super-human suit to escape, and from there its a mix of heavy-weapon explosions, peace crisises, government conspiracies, romance, and the sarcastic and witty quips that make this movie one of my favorites.

If you think you've already seen enough super-hero movies in these past several years to know them all, try again. Ironman is unlike the rest, with completely different situations and character types. Plus, the twist at the end left me grinning wide as we left the theater...