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Is Bleach Volume 38 Worth Reading?

Reviewing: Tite Kubo Bleach Volume 38  |  Rating:
By kissuftw on
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I thought that it was good and full of action. It was a nice quick read and made me want some more! I just didn't think that the book had much originality in it. The art is also pretty ok, it's good for a shonen series but could do some improvements. The plot, well, I rather not go there. The story is just essentially repeating itself and there is no tension in making us think what is going to happen next when it has already happened. There are no new ideas being exposed into the story line and the series is taking forever to end. And with the lack of originality and new ideas it is just a big bore. There are a bunch of characters though and there is at least one you are bound to love. However, it is hard to get attached to them since all they ever do is fight. The story is just dragging at this point. You rarely have the occasional touching interaction between characters and the audience just needs a rest from all the fighting. There is way too much fan service as well.