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Is Ing Direct Really A Brite Idea?

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nitephoenix By nitephoenix on
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We have all seen the commercials and the pop up ads reagrding the big orange dot, ING Direct. Well when I first read about this I was pretty skeptical. I was concerned about the constant identity theft problems form adding personal info onto the workd wide web. I was also concerned about the use of the internet for all transaction. No face to place on your bank teller. It kind a remineded me of the long waits on the phone with some pre-recorded robot voice asking various questions. The lank of human interaction worried me most.

After careful consideration and countles hours reseraching the idea of online banking, I decided to give it a shot. Hey the amount of interest back was somewhat convincing as well.

I decided to invest $25.00 to begin with. First of all the entire process was not as quick as I thought it would be. This website has very stringent screening to determine who you really are. which did give me a sense of relief.

After confirming who I was, via internet and phone my account was created. and as an incentive they gave an additional $25.00!! I now had $50.00 in my account.

I let that money sit for about of month to see what the return would be. although it wasn't much, it was alot more than I recieve from my own bank.

I now decided to begin the process of depositing a small amount every month. I felt relieved and continued my reserach on the matter always getting great reviews. This was great, my account is growing and best of all, I would really think twice about withdrwaing the money cause the bank wasn't near me.

The service is great, the downside for me is the fact that when you do wish to transfer money no matter how early you make the withdrawal it always takes until the next day. So if you want an account that will give you instant access to you cash reserve, you might want to think it over.

They have currently taken over the sharebuilder account and thus improved its ovarall use. They also have CD options, stocks and bonds. Great website!!

overall I am still an ING Direct customer and I beleive I will be for a while.