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Is It Really Worth All Of This?

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godfrey884 By godfrey884 on
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Let me start by saying I'm a very pale person, with allergies to the sun. If I'm out in the sun for any length of time, I will start to get this large blotches on my skin, and I burn severely to the point of blisters.

So with that said you can see why I would want to use sunless tanning products.

I have always used just the sunless tan creams and lotions, when I seen the advertisement for the Salon Bronze I was so excited, I was thinking this will be a lot quicker and easier to apply. It comes with the spray air brush gun as well as 2 refill cartridges. You just load the gun with a cartridge and with a sweeping motion you spray you body while holding in the trigger. Even no streak tan every time. Sounds easy enough doesn't it?

Here goes our little adventure of the air brush Salon Bronze, I figured I would do it in the basement of my house, therefore if there was an over spray it wouldn't get on my walls or furniture. Good thinking that turned out to be, there was a terrible over spray from this, You could see my feet marks where I was standing on my carpet in the basement. When spraying it on your body you have to really be quick with the sweeping motion, if not the spray will be really dark in the spot where you went to slow, if you hold the gun to close you get these little brown dots. Oh and now for the fun part, are you an acrobat or double jointed? I hope you are, as you will need to be to get the back of your legs or your back for that matter. And for myself after I applied this I would take a sponge and smooth it out to make it all even.

After all that I think I will stick to my creams or lotion sunless tan, it much easier, and less mess.