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Is It That Easy To Tone?

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jeanine By jeanine on
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Reebok recently came out with their new version of the workout shoes-- Easy tones. They are not quite like similar products on the market due to their style. They appear to be regular tennis shoes! The secret is the air pockets on the soles of the shoes. Strategically placed air pockets cause more resistance when walking allowing your muscles to be worked more, at least that is the claim. I bought my easy tones on ebay since they were sold out at all the local retailers and my favorites online. I paid an incredible $130 for the shoes and retail price (at the time) was $110. I figured this was a decent deal considering shipping charges and the lack of being able to find another pair.

I have been wearing the shoes since I bought them (about 4 months ago) and am indifferent about them. They are super comfortable and look great but I haven't noticed much difference from walking in my normal shoes. I am on my feet about 7 hours a day and expected to feel a tiny difference in my legs but really haven't. The thing I did notice was my lower back gave me some problems.

I already suffer from lower back pain but the shoes seemed to make it worse. At first I thought it was the concrete floors at work but I switched to an older pair of shoes I own and I no longer had the back problems. A few of my friends I have talked to say they have not noticed any problems like this. I am not sure if it is the shoes or if I am imagining it and just happened to have some back pain from some unknown cause.

They are extremely comfortable to walk in. I usually have to "break in" new shoes but these were good from the box. I started wearing them the day I got them in the mail and I never once had an issue with blisters or anything of those sorts. It almost seemed as if the shoes conformed to fit my feet. I had no complaints about the comfort of them.

They are also great with stains. I am all the time getting stuff on my shoes and they were pretty easy to clean. Usually after a few weeks my shoes look like they belong in a dumpster but these are still looking pretty good. A wet rag with a little bit of Dawn soap took care of them.

I most definitely recommend these shoes to people who are on their feet all day but beware that they MAY cause some lower back pain (unless it was just a coincidence for me) I would say these are well worth the money I spent on them. (Good luck finding a pair, they are still pretty scarce in most areas)