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Is There Something Familiar About The Social Network?

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Fifi Qwer By Fifi Qwer on
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Yes there is. Here we have the over-dramatic, totally exaggerated, and minutely detailed biography of the life of Mark Zuckerberg when he first launched "The Facebook". Many of the events in the story actually happened, but the drama was mixed in, you know, to give it that movie magic. Without some pizzaz, how can you call it a movie? Well, I'd say that they did an incredible job of covering everything and magnifying it a hundred times to make it entertaining, but the thrill was in the acting style. The characters were so real, and the Blu-ray disk I saw it from made it even better.

The little-known facts of Zuckerberg's life were probably brought to life when this movie was launched. There isn't much comedy, not much action, not much suspense, and not much of a mystery since we all know the big events, but there is an unexpected charm to the movie that I just can't put my finger on. There is no enormous "thrill", but there is definitely a wonder to it all, through all the emotional and trivial scenes and the downright ridiculous parts. And the theme is adequately used.

It starts out with a very unique and original, not to mention slightly humorous scene where the viewer sits with Zuckerberg and his date, who dumps him in the first 30 seconds. It puts him in a demeaning light no doubt, and even a slightly ignorant one, but the movie is not about flatter. No, it is about the "true" rise of Zuckerberg, and the trials of Facebook. After my recent article, it seems unlikely that I would watch this movie. But I can see that a lot of hard work was put into constructing such an advanced and elaborate social network. It is a product of hard work, and conning other people in college. It takes a genius to be successful this young, and lazy people who don't like to read can watch his life.

The thing that got me way the ending. Like any other biography in the movies, it ends with the cold, hard facts that happened afterward, that never got filmed. It was so abrupt, but at least it was true. I don't think anyone would have it any other way. If you want to spend a casual evening, alone or with friends, why not take a look at this movie. It has little action, and drama, if you like that. All in all, a crisp, clean movie that can satisfy your cravings if you are ever in the mood for such a thing.