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Is Washing Dishes Really A Joy?

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april By april on
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I normally buy another brand of dishwashing liquid, but since my local grocery store had Joy on sale, I decided to try it instead. I found out that I need to stick with my normal brand! After trying Joy on normally dirtied dishes, I came to the following conclusions. First, I really do not like dish soap that has more bubbles than scrubbing power. Second, I like the citrus scent, but it leaves the sink quickly. And third, I need a dish soap that is easy to use.

First of all, the Joy dish soap created a lot of bubbles. Normally that is a good thing for soap, it means it is lathering well and is concentrated, but for Joy it was not a good thing. The bubbles created more of a nuisance than a help. They did not help with cleaning, and I had to keep rinsing them off, because there were so many of them, to see if a dish was even clean.

Second, the scent only lasted a little while. I liked it when it first came out of the bottle, but it did not last much longer than that. I am not saying that I want my dishes to smell like citrus, but that scent helps make the worst smelling dish smell better. Joy did not do that for my dishes.

Third, ease of use is very important in dishwashing. This is the one thing Joy had going for it. The spout did not get clumps in it like other spouts, so there were no clogs to rinse through. For me, this was the best feature of the dish soap.

All in all, I have found that if there is nothing wrong with what you are using, do not switch just because of a sale price. I did, and then I wasted a whole bottle of dish soap.