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Island Vacation For My Mouth

Reviewing: Trident White Cool Colada Sugar Free Gum (12 Pieces)  |  Rating:
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I like to chew gum. Sometimes I feel like a cow chewing cud, but I find it really relaxing. Due to my propensity to chomp, I experiment with flavors that I wouldn't normally pick, since choosing my go-to flavors (Spearmint and bubblegum) over and over again gets monotonous. When I saw this gum with a tropical feel, I knew I wanted to try it.

These are small, square, hard pieces that crunch when you bite into them. I like this type of consistency, though I also like the softer gums. This harder type resists against your teeth at first and gives them a nice workout. Then it becomes soft like normal gum. This has a very sweet flavor at first. I taste coconut. I don't taste a lot of pineapple. There's a cooling feeling when I first pop the gum in, like menthol.

When the gum is in my mouth, it feels like a medium-sized piece, maybe on the small side. The flavor doesn't stay intense for long at all. When I put a piece in at 2:18PM, the gum was much less sweet and less flavorful by 2:22PM. In 4 minutes flat, I'd say 97% of its flavor was gone. That cooling feeling disappeared within 2 minutes which was a good thing, since I didn't really like it with the coconut flavor.