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Reviewing: Calculator Casio Mx8v  |  Rating:
Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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The MX8v Casio calculator is designed as a desk calculator, meaning it sits there ready for use, and does not skid across the desk when used.

I have no idea what price my employer paid for ours, but you can get them for about £35 these days.

They are the real thing, if you have ever seriously made do with a mobile phone calculator, for anything more than a simple sum, then you will understand the difficulties, these ones are designed with the term user friendly in mind.

These have the usual large telephone style 12 digit display.

These also incorporate three Euro conversion rates, this is a useful feature for converting currencies, plus it has a Tax function.

This Casio MX8v is a better spec version than the older ones.

A one year guarantee is standard. If you require any more details on this or any other Casio product, try the Website here:- www.casio.co.uk,


This little gizmo works off batteries, or via it's solar panel, which is good until you have to use it in some shady corner.


They are available in any colour you like so long as it's black. They come fitted with an Off button for saving power.

They have well spaced out keys.

These have a bright red On button for easy recognition.

ALso fitted with an angled screen.

These are made by the Casio Computor Company Limited, and I suppose are more famous for watches rather than anything else. They seem robust enough to last in a tough office environment, and they do look good, they also come with a decent manual, and do the job a treat. All in all, I believe they are very easy to use, and ours has not let us down yet, and it certainly gets some stick.