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It Is Mine. Don't Touch!

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So the best way to keep someone from claiming your stuff is to put your name on it! The Dymo LetraTag makes that a pretty easy chore. We actually purchased this small hand-held label maker in an attempt to get more organized. I have found that this unit is simple to use. The navigation is straightforward and user friendly. You can print 2 lines of text per label. The font styles are pretty basic, bold, italic, outline, shadow, vertical, and normal. The sizes range from XS - XL. There are several cute border options including a dragon, a train, hearts, or flowers that would surround your text. You can store up to 9 labels, which is great for repeat items like storing Christmas Decorations, or different sizes of children's clothes.

The LetraTag runs on batteries or an optional AC adaptor. Has on on/off button which I like. I don't have to wait 10 minutes for it to power down, wasting battery power in the meanwhile. Just touch the button, and it is off. The label cutter is very simple and safe to use. There is a large button on the right side of the unit, and if you hold in in your right hand the button is at your thumb. Very good design so that you just push the button with your thumb, and the INTERNAL blade cuts the label. There is nothing external to cut you!

Replacing the label cartridge is simple. You just open the top flap above the screen, and place the cartridge in. It will only fit one way, so you can't mess up too badly. One word of caution in this process. there are two little "guide" pegs on the cartridge itself that the label roll should be placed between. The first time I put a new roll in, I didn't notice at first the roll was not in one of them properly and the labels only printed on the bottom half. It didn't take long to figure out the problem, but it was a little frustrating, and I wasted a few labels trying to figure out the problem.

There are only a few minor drawbacks to this model. I wish there were more options for text, like truly different fonts instead of just a font style. Also, the keypad is listed in alpha order instead of the "QWERTY" keyboard manner.

All in all, I enjoy having this gadget and now I am tempted to label my sleeping husband's forhead!