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It Just Gets Better

Reviewing: Marvel The Amazing Spider Man #601  |  Rating:
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Amazing Spider-Man #601 wow what an issue a truly great buy for any comic fan. After a few pages of ranting by JJJ. We get a hazy scene of what Peter remembers from Aunt May's wedding and the unexpected guest Mary Jane. Peter is to afraid to talk to Mary-Jane so consumes a lot of alcohol before going to speak with her. When he finally does speak to her Peter and Mj make plans to meat up somewhere tomorrow sounds good right? Well...yes...and...no. Peter totally spaced on the when and the where part as has no idea where to meet MJ. Peter awakes to find himself in bed with Vin Gonzalez's sister(Can you say ouch) She becomes annoyed with the fact that Peter because he can't even remember the events of the previous night. Peter naturally ends up leaving and suits up to go on his daily routine of being a super hero. After a rescued handbag and saving a few people from a burning building Peter realizes that he in fact has no place to stay(Vin's sister isn't kind of kicked him out.) Peter finally remembers the meeting place and ends up being stood up by MJ who is fast asleep in her apartment. The conclusion of this issue for me raises some interesting points because it seems Mary Jane still remembers Peter is in fact Spidey(Despite Mephisto's voodoo). Good continuations to the story arch now let's see where the boys at Marvel can take it.