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It Stays Is A Good Body Adhesive

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Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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When I injured my leg in December I found out I would have to wear a compression stocking. Despite that compression stockings are pricey, I have started wearing stockings for the health of my legs. I recently bought a cheaper pair and found I could not wear them as the top rolled down and left a red mark on my leg. While shopping online for stockings, I found a product that was supposed to keep the stocking in place. This product is called It Stays Body Adhesive. Since it was fairly cheap I thought I would try it.

It Stays is advertised to:

--keep stockings in place

--keep fashion accessories in place

--keep wigs, stockings, bra straps in place

--keep dresses with a plunging neckline in place

-- not stain clothing

--wash off with warm water which it does

It Stays is a clear liquid. It has very little aroma and that seems to fade after it goes on the skin. It leaves a shiny streak on the skin but this is applied under the clothing so it will not show. All you do is roll it on the skin and press the article in place. The instructions do not say how much of the adhesive to use but I think just a little. I just rolled a small strip around my leg. The bottle does not mention how long this should be left on the skin before washing it off. I have only used it for three hours at a time.

Although this product has many uses, I have used It Stays only to keep my stocking in place. As long as I let it dry thoroughly, before moving, it worked well.

It is sticky, as it is adhesive, so some users may not like the feel of it on their skin.

I would warn people to be very careful with this. The user should probably test a small area before using it. One should definitely stop using it at the first sign of irritation and see a doctor. Talk to a doctor if you have any concerns about whether it will harm your skin and about what are acceptable uses of this product. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. I am including this warning as the bottle does not list the ingredients, and some people are allergic or sensitive to certain products.