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It Taste Like Orange Soda.

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A little bit of my history here to start, I had my oldest daughter in Oct 2004, my second Daughter in Sept 2005, my gall bladder removed by emergency surgery in Feb 2006 and my son in July 2007 delivered by C-Section and had a tubaligation.

Very little time to excercise during the past 4 yrs.

Since I had my gall bladder removed I have had a really hard time to lose weight, it seems like I just keep gaining and can't seem to lose a pound. When I've researched about this, the information is very confusing.

Some people say they have gained tons of weight and some say not at all, so then I talked to my Dr's and again got some confusing information, some say yes some say no.

Anyhow, I wanted to try something to help me lose those 25 pounds that I've gained in the past 2 1/2 years. I didn't want anything that was going to promise me extreme weight lose in a short period of time as I know what happens once you stop using the product you gain all if not double the weight back.

When I was out shopping one day at CVS I was passing down the aisle that contained the weight lose products I did have an interest in Alli till I heard the horrid stories about this product. As I'm passing I see this box reduced by 75% so I picked it up, it was a box of Dexatrim Max, I have heard of people using Dexatrim and they got some good results. So here I stand reading this box. It's states Ephedra Free, Vitamin B Complex, Chromium, EGCG from Green Tea. Dexatrim Max put you in Control Fights hunger & cravings, Fights Fatigue, Fights Metabolism showdown. Contains real Green tea. The box contains 20 tablets.

Now I'm curious as to why the big drop in price, so I get an employee to answer my question, it turns out the products expire in 4 months so they have to get rid of them, but she told me she has tried it and it works well, I'm looking at her thinking OK you weight about 110 lbs, what do you need this for. She handed me a coupon that was sitting on the shelf for an addition $2.00 off, now I'm thinking what have I do lose at this price. Now it's only costing my $1.75 to try this.

Once home I figure OK lets give this a shot. It says to take two tables break them in half along the scored line, drop them into a bottle of 16 oz of water and let table dissolve, shake bottle well and drink.

I did just as instructed hoping this wasn't going to be to horrible to drink. Here goes down the hatch...... WOW it taste just like Orange soda, hmmmm not bad. Now let see if it really does work.

My results, it really did help suppress my hungry, and it did give me boost of energy, I have only been using it for 3 days and I have lost 2 pounds, but I can't claim that it's from this or that because since I have drinking this I have no longer been drinking my normal 1 Pepsi a day.

My suggestion for those that do try this is for you first bottle do as suggested then you can adjust the flavor to taste I use 1 1/2 tablets per 16 oz bottle of water. I purchased the Tangerine Flavor but it is also available in Mixed berry, Lemon, and Strawberry Kiwi.

Oh and I did end up going back and getting another 2 more boxes.