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Itouch Worth Every Penny!

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By florida_gal on
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Most people don't know this, but the Itouch is actually a miracle product. Yes, it's an ipod - but you can also surf the web, add important meetings to your calendar, and edit your contacts. For those of us who wanted it all - but not with a phone - the Itouch is nothing short of revolutionary.

The Itouch was criticzed for not having a calendar with an "add" feature included (you could only sync to outlook), but what most people don't know is that Apple has already fixed this problem with an easy update on Itunes. Moreover, some of the features I thought were useless or silly - like the ability to download music directly onto the itouch - pretty much saved me from eternal boredom when I was stuck at JFK Airport in New York for 6 hours. I downloaded a tropical music mix and while everyone around me was cranky and holding winter coats, I was instantly relaxed.

The most genius feature is the ability to surf the internet. The keyboard actually rotates when you move the device, so the keyboard becomes bigger when the device is held horizontally. It's easy to use, rarely has a connection issue, and records all of your favorite websites for accessing it quickly. Overall, I'd say that everyone needs this product immediately.